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Queen Bees

How do I introduce a new Queen into a colony?

So you've brought a new queen - what to do?. The first step you need to do is make sure the colony has been queenless for at least 48hrs ideally. If you are replacing a Queen because is is failing, then you need to find her and remove her from the hi

I think I have laying workers - can I add a new queen?

If a colony of bees is queenless for long enough and they have no brood of any sort left in the hive, then workers can start to lay eggs in the cells themselves. These are unfertilised eggs so will not be of any use for the colony. Unfortunately, by

My new Queen has arrived but looks small - is she mated?

Yes, definitely mated so don't worry about that. However, because the queen is likely to have been caged for a few days by the time you get her, she would have stopped laying and not been fed so much as usual if she had been in the hive. This causes


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