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Useful guides and information on Honey and beeswax.

Is the honey raw, strained or pasteurised?

We aim to keep our honey as unprocessed as possible, just the way the bees like it. We do not call our honey raw as we do strain the honey to remove large bits of beeswax, however, it is not a fine strainer so this process does not remove all traces

The Clear honey has turned thick or has crystalised

Dont worry, this is a completely natural process that all honey goes through. There is nothing wrong with the honey and it can still be eaten, however, if you would prefer your honey clear then you just need to heat the honey up to clear the crystals

What is the Difference between Thick and Clear Honey?

To keep is simple, when the honey is first made it is in the clear form. Then the natural sugars in the honey react to each other over time and they slowly turn the honey thick. Some honey turns thick faster than other honey, all depending on what so


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